Subjective Rumbles #1: The “Cursive is So Cool” Tournament of Champions

Before you read this thing, I feel it’s my duty to provide you, the reader, with an explanation of what this is, but also to give credit where credit is due.

My name is Alex Schelldorf, and I like the band Cursive. A lot.

This year, I’m in the process of writing about one album every day of 2013 for my project, One Record Per Day.

As part of each day’s post, I try to do a bit of background research on the group and album. While looking for the cover art of OutKast’s Aquemini, I discovered Rembert Browne’s “Stankoff 2011” – an NCAA March Madness-style single elimination tournament. Comprised of 68 OutKast songs, the tournament was a region-based replica of the greatest and most exciting tournament in all of sports.

I won’t claim to be the biggest OutKast fan in the world by any means. They’re a tremendous hip-hop group, and by some accords, even legendary.

But the post was inspiring to me on a different level entirely.

As a big fan of both sports and music, I knew I wanted to recreate Browne’s tournament with bands that I hold near and dear. The problem is that many of the bands I listen to don’t have a large enough discography of songs to justify a 64 or 68 song tournament. Sure, many of them can support a 32 song field, but the fun and excitement of March Madness is the underdog stories: the 15 seeds with the massive upset or the 12/13 seeds making deep runs to the Sweet 16. Doesn’t get much better than that.

So, Rembert. Thank you. As Chicago said: you’re the inspiration.

Without further ado, I present the first ever in the Subjective Rumbles series:

Cursive Song Tournament

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