About The Project

Greetings. My name is Alex Schelldorf.

For 2013, I will be undertaking a 365-day project where I listen to a record in its entirety and then write about it. No skipping or shuffling – just the album as it was originally intended. I am not setting a specific word threshold for each day, merely that I write while I listen.

The goals of the project are simple.

Firstly, I’d like to bring attention to some lesser-known artists. I would like to see someone discover a new band based on this venture.

Secondly, with all the music that gets released every year, it’s entirely too difficult to keep up with all of it. Records that I once loved sit on my shelves, both physically and digitally, collecting dust. I want to rediscover albums I’ve forgotten about, and better appreciate the ones I already like.

And lastly, on a person level, I want to write every day. Perhaps this project is masochistic- certainly it will be grueling. But, I desire to better myself as writer and this is one way to do so.

A couple of other miscellaneous notes about One Record Per Day:

For what it’s worth, this type of project has been done before, with mixed results.

You can follow my progress on my Last.fm page.  It is likely that the album I will be writing about that day will be “scrobbled” in succession.

I have arranged 358 albums that I own in alphabetical order. The other 7 albums will be Christmas albums, during the week before Christmas 2013. Using a random number generator, I rearranged the albums.

In terms of what records made the cut and what did not, I have placed the following arbitrary rules upon this project:

  •             Only legitimate, full-length releases
  •             No EPs
  •             No splits
  •             No remix albums
  •             No soundtracks or scores (movies or games)
  •             No singles
  •             No live albums
  •             Instrumental albums are okay

There was some elimination of albums, but I don’t own too many past 358. The albums I eliminated were decided at random.

I want to stress that I’ve obtained all these albums through legal means. Piracy is no joke, and the artists that make such incredible music are people too – though the jury is still out on Chris Brown*. Support music by purchasing it.

I will be “simulcasting” the posts on both Tumblr and WordPress until I figure out which one I like better. (update: They’re both good, and I will continue posting on both sites for the duration of the project.)

If I am to miss a day, I will skip that number and come back to it later. The goal, obviously, is not to miss any days, but it is entirely possible that I will have to do so.

Finally, I will not “rag” on any artists. Period. There will be no outright bashing about any artist, song or album. I will never say something “sucks.”

Why? Because the people responsible for the music you put in your ears, the soundtracks for your daily personal existence, poured their lives into it, and spent a lot of time, effort, and money to craft something. There are plenty of songs that I don’t personally care for, but who am I to trample on what they’ve created? I only will say that it’s either not for me, or refer to it as a weak track in comparison to the rest.

That’s it.

tl;dr version: These are longwinded personal opinions about a bunch of bands you may have heard of. Cool.

Thanks for reading.
-Alex Schelldorf

editor’s note – May, 2013

It has come to my attention to reiterate that the opinions contained herein are my own, and as such, should be taken with some degree of… shall we say, skepticism? I’m just a dude on the internet who has opinions about the music he loves. Nothing more. Nothing less. None of this is meant to be taken personally. If I don’t like an album, I don’t like it. That doesn’t mean that the artist isn’t still a viable human being with emotions. No harm, no foul.

Didn’t think I’d have to clarify that, but for what it’s worth, the positive feedback has far outweighed the negative. Thank you for that.

*I do not own a Chris Brown album and will not be reviewing one.



  1. idk, some games have fantastic scores, like Castlevania series, and Tekken series, and Harvest Moon series, and Chibi Robo

    • Agreeable. I just made the decision to only do full lengths. I love Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross’ work together on Social Network and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo; Clint Mansell’s work for Moon and The Fountain; and Akira Yamaoka’s soundtracks for Silent Hill. All good stuff.

      Thanks for your input.

      • Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland had one of the finest scores known in the gaming industry. Also, NBA 2k5 featured a hide-and-seek like collaboration within its 4 walls.

  2. I, too, agree that some video games have fantastic scores. Take King Kong for 360 for example. Not a game worth $60 at launch, but enough riveting music to keep you entertained for all 4 hours.

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  4. Just discovering this project (Day 218). I like what I see so far and can’t wait for more. But I just wanted to amen to “Support music by purchasing it.”

    Keep it up brother.

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