Day 361 – #237. Murder By Death – Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon

Murder By Death - Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon Album Review

On this last week of what is – and, now, was – One Record Per Day, I’ve entered the evaluation portion of this project. Lots of questions, and some answers, but mostly it’s just spitballing.

Did I give it the amount of time it was due?

Sure, to an extent. There were days I did not want to write at all and had to force myself, or just didn’t care about an album like I thought I would’ve.

Was I fair in my evaluations?

Sometimes. Sometimes not.

Could I have done better?


Is it possible there was a way to do it differently?

This is one of the questions I keep coming back to. Early on, when I was still trying to figure out just what to do with the year, I thought about relaying only my emotional responses to the music I was listening to. No history. No stories. Just what it made me feel like.

But that sort of idea implies that I actually feel something, which… nah.

I also thought a lot about pointing out very specific sections of songs that I liked. But even that seemed to be too macro. So it ended up somewhere in between what it is: band primer (which I’ve only just learned this week can be pronounced ‘prim-er’ – as in, ‘prim’ like proper. Who knew? Don’t answer that. #rhetorical) and aberrantly silly/obnoxious micro-review blog? I don’t know man, jump to conclusions on your own mat.

There’s a few moments on this album that I’m drawn too, like a fierce little section on “Straight At The Sun” a little less than halfway through the song. It’s comprised of some deliciously crunchy bass and whirring, dizzy strings. Into it.

For me, though, this album is all about “Queen Mab.” Though it’s an instrumental, it’s my shining star.

One of the other things I learned through this project is how much patience I can have with a band like this or Sigur Rós. The long and the short of that result: not much. There were some points where it actually took away the pleasure of listening to these two groups that I once had. In time, though, when I don’t spend 365 days straight forcing myself to listen to albums, I’ll regain that joy.

Tiny aside: Check out the sweet zoetrope that served as one of the band’s Kickstarter perks for this record!

Kickstarter Murder By Death zoetrope

From Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon, this is “Queen Mab” –

Standout tracks: Some really great parts on “Straight At The Sun.” And “Queen Mab,” oh my god.
Weakest track: I mean, I’m now less-than-whelmed by this band anymore, so probably not the best time to ask about this?

RIYL: Tiny little violence.



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