Day 360 – #331. Thursday – War All The Time

Thursday - War All The Time Album Review

Once in a while, an album will come along in a genre and change everything for that tiny sect of music.

I believe Thursday’s 2003 album War All The Time did that very thing for post-hardcore in the early 2000s.

Though it was released in an absolute wash of records in 2003, War All The Time has held up over its ten years of release. It brought Thursday to the forefront of the American alternative rock and post-hardcore scenes that year, and drove the group to its meteoric rise of success in the coming years.

From cover to cover, starting with “For the Workforce, Drowning” and closing “Tomorrow I’ll Be You,” War is, for me, a flawless record.

It’s the album that spurred thousands of people to tattoo a turtle dove on their bodies.

It’s the album that many people will remember them by, for one reason or another.

And yes, it’s the album that featured “Signals Over The Air,” not the band’s best song by any means, but somehow, inexplicably, their biggest radio hit.

I can’t speak highly enough of it, even though it doesn’t hit me like it once did. This is a record for kids just hitting their stride in finding music – which, as it so happened, was when I discovered it.

It’s a record that reminds me so vividly of high school and the couple of years after I graduated, when I saw the group two or three times, and each time came away thinking they were one of the most energetic groups I’d ever seen perform live.

I miss them, a lot, and I’m glad I got to see them seven or eight times since I first heard this record in 2004.

While ‘the scene’ may have shriveled up, this was just another album of solid hits from a band that stayed just beneath the radar, capable of producing quality jams on each release. One of my favorite groups ever.

From War All The Time, this is “Tomorrow I’ll Be You” –

Standout tracks: Everything. A rare perfect record in this genre.
Weakest track: No.

RIYL: Post-hardcore, emo, emocore. The Blood Brothers, Glassjaw, Brand New.


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