Christmas With Johnny Cash Album Review

Special note: Here we are again. Right back to the Tampa Airport, as I was on September 6th, before flying to Washington, DC, to intern for NPR’s All Songs Considered. I’m heading back there in just a few weeks to be a permanent DC resident, which is frightening and exciting all the same. Being back in my home state right now is a little… disorienting? It clearly has defined the reasons I left in the first place. How they’re so evident now, I guess I was denying them the whole time I was here the last few years. Last night, I went and saw Brand New and Kevin Devine in a tiny bar in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, then stayed in a strange hostel and had a day of travel hell today. I’m weary. This project is almost over. I get to see my dog for the first time in 4 months in about 90 minutes.

Things are different now. Better. Difficult, but better. Find what’s important to you and make it happen. Now here’s some nonsense about John R. Cash.

It’s day five of my deviation from the rest of this year’s project! I’m writing about 7 different Christmas albums this week, leading up to the big day itself.

Do you like Christmas? COOL.

Do you like music from the true King? COOL.

Do you like smoky versions of Christmas classics or breathing? COOL.

Do you know who Johnny Cash is? COOL.

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you’ll certainly enjoy Christmas With Johnny Cash, an album of 12 versions of old faithfuls, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” and “Joy to the World.”

A few years ago, the fine gentleman who used to co-host the radio show that I did for a long time got me a Christmas gift: Johnny Cash Reads the Bible.

It is exactly as you might expect it to be, based on its name. Let me say this though. John’s register is haunting and makes anything worth listening to. Even if you don’t practice or agree with Christianity, it’s worth a listen because of what he does with it.

I will forever be into Christmas music, but especially an entire album of songs written and recorded by The Man in Black.

From Christmas With Johnny Cash, this is “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” –

Standout tracks: This dude’s voice takes every track on here to the next level. You crazy for this one, John (S’YA’BOY).
Weakest track: None, are you serious? You hate Christmas music, you Grinch? You hate FUN, you yogurt head? You are the worst.

RIYL: CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Also, one of the most memorable voices of all time.



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