Just Can't Get Enough: A New Wave Xmas Album Review

It’s day four of my deviation from the rest of this year’s project! I’m writing about 7 different Christmas albums this week, leading up to the big day itself.

Do you like Christmas? COOL.

Do you like music from the 1980s, ostensibly the greatest decade of music ever written and recorded? COOL.

Do you like egregious keyboards or food? COOL.

Do you know what New Wave is? COOL.

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you’ll certainly enjoy Just Can’t Get Enough: A New Wave Xmas! I have to admit, yesterday’s experience with James Brown’s Funky Christmas was… a little painful. I like my Christmas as funky as the next, but mayhaps 17 tracks is a bit much?

Which is precisely the reason you need to cleanse your palate with 17 more, but this time, LET’S NEW WAVE!

Released in 1996, Just Can’t Get Enough is a collection of a bunch of Christmas songs spanning the New Wave era, primarily centered in the 1980s. Despite an appearance by the legendary Bing Crosby (I know, right?) – and coupled by the fact that it’s a duet with David Bowie (!) – A New Wave Xmas takes the traditional Christmas holiday spirit, spins it right round, and turns it on its weird little head.

For some perspective, the most normal inclusion on here is the David Bowie song with Bing. Yup. Aladdin Sane and The Thin White Duke is this record’s CPA.

I will forever be into Christmas music, but especially an entire album of songs written and recorded during the greatest musical period in the history of civilization, the veritable ‘80s.

From A New Wave Xmas, this is one of the more ridiculous things you’ll see all (the rest of this) year, Captain Sensible’s “One Christmas Catalogue” –


This is Bing Crosby & David Bowie’s “The Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth” –

Standout tracks: Good Lord, whatever Root Boy Slim and The Sex Change Band with The Rootettes’ “Xmas At Kmart” is, I need to hear it forever. Also, David Bowie/Bing Crosby’s version of “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy” is exactly what you’d expect it to be: perfect.
Weakest track: None, are you serious? You hate Christmas music, you Grinch? You hate FUN, you Philistine? You are the worst.

RIYL: CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Also, if you ever wanted to find ‘weird’ Christmas music that doesn’t quite fit the mold. This. This is everything.



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