James Brown's Funky Christmas Album Review

It’s day three of my deviation from the rest of this year’s project! I’m writing about 7 different Christmas albums this week, leading up to the big day itself.

Do you like Christmas? COOL.

Do you like the funkiest dude of all time? COOL.

Do you like James Brown or fun? COOL.

Do you know who James Brown is? COOL.

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you’ll certainly enjoy James Brown’s Funky Christmas, one of the Funky Man’s three Christmas albums released in just four years. Are you serious, dude? You could never like Christmas much as JB does. Don’t even bother trying.

James Brown’s Funky Christmas is a collection of 17 Christmas songs: some versions of old time favorites, but mostly brand new songs BOUND to be classics some 40+ years lat- oh. That’s just, like, my opinion though (man).

I will forever be into Christmas music, but especially the funkiest of all time.

From James Brown’s Funky Christmas, this is “Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto” –

Standout tracks: “Go Power at Christmas Tree” and “Santa Claus is Definitely Here”
Weakest track: None, are you serious? You hate Christmas music, you Grinch? You hate FUN, you ogre? You are the worst.

RIYL: CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Also, a man more prolific with (the oddly specific) funky Christmas albums than you’ll ever be with anything else you’ll ever do, dude. KNEEL BEFORE THE GODFATHER.



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