Day 352 – #343. Underoath – Disambiguation

Underoath - Disambiguation Album Review

Today is the last day before this year’s CHRISTMAS SPECIALTACULAR IMPACT WEEK (OF JUSTICE!) 20-THIRTEEN!, in which I’ll be writing about 7 Christmas albums that you may have heard of, but probably not. It’ll be great, I assure you.

Too bad Underoath’s final releases, Disambiguation, is a limp lead-in. Womp-womp, sad face.

By far the weakest and most forgettable Underoath album, Disambiguation is a sludgy mess – certainly not the album you’d wanna go out on as a band. I felt a complete disconnection from the record, also known as the group’s signature symbol (Ø), from the very onset of when I heard it.

The band is so heavy-handed with sampling in layers that it becomes difficult to sift through the static. Guitars are washed, indiscernible underneath waves of keys and synths and bass. Where drums sounded clean on previous Underoath records, now they sound almost forgotten about, having lost their power in the mix.

Don’t get me wrong: This was one of my favorite bands in my teens.

I guess I just grew out of it. I couldn’t name a single song on this album that stuck with me. Both They’re Only Chasing Safety (an album that appeared on just the second day of this project) and Define the Great Line are two of my favorite metalcore/post-hardcore records ever. Lost in the Sound of Separation, too, had some insane moments.

Maybe it’s the fact that Disambiguation is the first release in which none of the original members of Underoath appear. Not a single one. And as I wrote, also very early on, at this point in the history of the band, there were more members in Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster than there were Underoath.

Or maybe it’s the fact that I, like so many others in this world, grew up and – for the most part – out of this style of music. Sure, it’s fun to put on and jam every now and again. And it’s especially good to see in a live setting (looking at you, The Chariot). But man… on a recorded form, and this being their 7th studio release… how long can you play one note? Probably for the best that this was it.

But that’s just, like, my opinion man.

From Disambiguation, this is the only song I can really get into, “Illuminator” –

Standout tracks: “Illuminator” and… that’s really about it.
Weakest track: ^

RIYL: Oof. Do not want.



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