Day 351 – #278. A Plea for Purging – Depravity

A Plea for Purging - Depravity Album Review

SOMETIMES a band that you once liked a whole lot because of the culture in which you were immersed for a long time but no longer identify with will release an album that you listen to a lot after discovering them based on a hilarious, satire-laden mock infomercial but lacks any kind of diversity past the ‘one note’ songs even though those ‘one note’ songs are p good for the genre and sort of a guilty pleasure now, years later.

See: fig. 1 – A Plea for Purging’s 2009 release on Facedown Records, Depravity.

See: fig. 2 – One of my favorite videos of all time. Enjoy “Malevolence” or face certain doom.

Standout tracks: “Malevolence” and “Holocausts”
Weakest track: DO U LIKE THE METAL? Ok.




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