Day 350 – #113. Edison Glass – Time is Fiction

Edison Glass - Time is Fiction Album Review

It’s officially the last cool, round number of this year’s project. I’m freaking out a little. Here’s why:

-It’s my last week as the fall 2013 intern for All Songs Considered.
-I’m going to miss the absolute hell out of those interns who aren’t staying here in DC once this week is over – but I’m grateful so many of us are staying. Something like 10 of us will still be here in DC between NPR and other organizations.
-I’m taking a bus up to New York to see Brand New play the tiny Bellhouse in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn this coming Sunday. Kevin Devine is opening. It’s a 350 capacity venue, and tickets sold out in something like 15 seconds? Idk. Glad to have gotten one.
-I’m flying home the night after the show, next Monday. I haven’t been in Florida since September 7th. I haven’t seen my family since September 6th. I miss them a lot. I haven’t seen my dog since September 7th. I miss him a lot.

How are any of the these tedious facts relevant to today’s album, Edison Glass’ Time is Fiction? In truth, they aren’t.

But they are as or more interesting than any song on this record not called “Let Go” or “Cold Condition.” Which, as the opener duo, doesn’t speak to the rest of the album. Actually, that’s not entirely true either. There’s some good ideas throughout this album, but the execution doesn’t match the heart and drive of the band that disappeared off the face of the planet after this record.

When I was in a band with two of my best friends in the world and some girl (jk, love your heart Baby Cassie), we listed many groups as our primary influences, but two in particular stood out to me amongst the Anathallos of our peers: Jonezetta and Edison Glass. As a dancey-minded indie rock band, the Glassers had the same vibe we were attempting to recreating: gritty guitars, over-the-top fuzzy bass, catchy hooks and licks, and grooves that attempted to get people out of their seats.

I remember playing a show in a church where the kids didn’t get out of their seats. Even after we asked them. Oh well. It was their loss. We played really well that night (and still got paid, what up).

I really wish this band had stuck around longer than they did. Not sure why they parted ways after this record was released in 2008 and its subsequent touring cycle, but I think their next record could have been great.

Good for a minute, especially that single, which is so catchy it shouldn’t even be legal.

There’s 15 days left in the year.

Make or do something special.

From Time is Fiction, this is “Let Go” –

Standout tracks: “Let Go,” “Cold Condition,” and “Without a Sound”
Weakest track: …the rest of this record is pretty forgettable.

RIYL: Embracing Lief (heheh).



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