Day 343 – #79. Chromatics – Kill For Love

Chromatics - Kill For Love Album Review

Chromatics’ 2012 release, Kill For Love, makes me unusually drowsy.

At its best, it’s a brooding and cinematic cog. On its own, it is sparse and often very cold. Paired with, say, literally anything visual, it takes on new life, meaning, and purpose.

At its lowest point, though, it’s a collection of instrumentals that are scant without any additional form. Of the 17 tracks on an album that stretches nearly an hour and a half long, only title-track “Kill For Love” and “Lady” seem like they’re able to resemble singles.

Can it really count as an album when not being applied to a movie or short film? Perhaps you will have a different opinion than mine.

Listen to the whole thing here and let me know:

From Kill For Love, this is “Lady” –

Standout tracks: “Kill For Love” and “Lady”
Weakest track: Little reason for a song as long as “No Escape.”

RIYL: Film soundtracks.



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