Day 326 – #188. Jay Z – The Blueprint 3

Jay Z - The Blueprint 3 Album Review

I went to see Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar last night.

Say what you will about the fact that he is, at times, an egomaniacal nitwit, but the man knows how to put on a show.

A troupe of faceless female dancers, a literal Mountain, White Jesus… it was less a concert and more of a performative art show. 27 songs, over 2 hours straight. Visually arresting and bizarre and poignant and yes, even some megalomania.

Hard to dog on the man’s impact as a performer, though.

It was like seeing Cirque du Soleil rather than a concert.

Would I see it again, though? Probably not. Would I have been disappointed had I not seen it? In truth: probably not. It was a great SHOW, yes, but I think for artists at this level of success, unless you’re Trent Reznor or Bruce Springsteen, the music itself takes a backseat to the performance.

Later in the show, he ranted/talked about being responsible for Jay Z’s The Blueprint 3. Hard to go back to that record today after being so stunned visually last night. It’s held up well though, for only being 4 years old. I keep going back to this feeling of “Oh, that came out this year?” or “Man, that’s been out for half a decade already?”

What do temporal lines mean anymore? Is it the fact that we’re inundated by so much that we can’t seem to focus on what means the most to us?

Do we need huge stage shows to prove an artist’s worth? Or does records like Yeezus or Blueprint 3 prove that the music is what matters more than how it’s presented?

Some thoughts for your weekend. COOL BYE.

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