Day 317 – #43. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Cobra Juicy

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Cobra Juicy Album Review

I’m giving myself today off, because my brain is 110% fried.

At the beginning of my internship with NPR, our social media crew put out a call to handle the NPR Interns Twitter account (and Tumblr, Instagram, etc.). I’m all over the Twit, so I hopped on the chance to help out.

Fast forward a couple of months to today: We conducted a Twitter chat called “#AskNPRInterns”, which we used to promote our internship applications due this Friday and answer questions regarding them, the NPR Life, living in DC, etc.

It was a blast! We actually ended up trending nationally on Twitter.

I’m proud of what we were able to do. We learned a lot, and I think at last count, we received 600 or so tweets/questions in just over an hour. It was way overwhelming, and my brain hasn’t been the same since then.

Meanwhile, JP Morgan also tried to do a Twitter chat today and… it didn’t turn out so hot.

That said, though, Black Moth Super Rainbow’s latest release, 2012’s Cobra Juicy, is by far the group’s most accessible and easily digestible release. It feels a lot more upbeat and poppy than much of their other, more introspective and experimental work. It reeks of the influence from Black Moth’s leader Tobacco’s most recent release, Maniac Meat.

I Kickstarted it. I like it. I’ll revisit it. Cool.


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