Day 311 – #144. The Good Life – Black Out

The Good Life - Black Out Album Review

I’m not the biggest fan of today’s record, The Good Life’s sophomore release Black Out, so I’ll tell a few stories instead:

1. The other night, I went and saw Tim Kasher (lead vocalist and guitarist of The Good Life) at the Rock & Roll Hotel here in DC. I’ve seen him a handful of times between his solo work and as the frontman for Cursive. I had heard about R&RH in passing, and before coming up here to DC, I scoped out the various venues and saw that they bring in a lot of alt-rock groups, slash, other stuff I would listen to. It is, contrary to almost no one’s belief, not a hotel at all. Tim played a loud set made up of songs from his various bands, a dope Faint cover (“Worked Up So Sexual”). The only Good Life song he played was a stripped down but stirring “Album of the Year” which is both my favorite Good Life release and song. Good pick, Timmy K. I’ve posted the setlist in my first usage of, which may spark a post in the coming weeks for All Songs. I’m a big fan of set lists, to say the least.

2. Speaking of All Songs, yesterday, we did a live webcast of Poliça’s set from the 9:30 Club here in DC. You can listen to the whole thing right now, and beginning tomorrow, the full video will be archived on the site. Marijuana Deathsquads opened, and they were insane. I’m a big fan of Ryan Olson, and as I will tell you later this year, one of his other pet projects have a record in my top 3 albums of all time (if you know anything about me at all, you probably know which one it is). Poliça’s live show was dynamic and super engaging. I was spellbound Channy’s stage presence. Give You The Ghost was one of my favorites from last year, and their new record Shulamith has some equally exotic, dark, synth-pop jams. Check out “Very Cruel,” the third song from their show last night. Too good.

3. I was organizing a bunch of boxes yesterday at the office from NPR’s coverage of the Newport Folk Festival, and a bunch of their old posters from various other live events. I guess I got a speck of dirt in my eye from the banners or something. I haven’t been to the doctor in more than a year because my exoskeleton is made of steel, but I was a mere mortal in the face of simple dirt. Actually, I woke up this morning with a partially swollen eye. Thought it was pinkeye. Turns out it wasn’t. I paid $85 to find that out. Cool.

That’s it.

Go listen to that Poliça set.



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