Day 309 – #235. Monsters of Folk – Monsters of Folk

Monsters of Folk - Monsters of Folk Album Review

Monsters of Folk’s Monsters of Folk, summarized in a single sentence by someone who doesn’t quite understand, and assuredly doesn’t appreciate as much as others, folk music: Conor Oberst-curated supergroup playing folk songs for people who don’t understand folk music and assuredly don’t appreciate it as much as others.

From their self-titled debut, this is “Dear God” –

Standout tracks: “Say Please,” “Whole Lotta Losin’,” and “Ahead of the Curve”
Weakest track: I don’t know what’s what.

Truth is: I’m not even real sure why I have this thing at all. I’m not what the laymen call a “folk person,” I don’t “get it,” and I have a hard time “understanding” “music” “at” “all.”


RIYL: Conor Oberst wearing a Blood Brothers hoodie on Craig Ferguson’s show in 2005.



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