Day 284 – #7. Andrew W.K. – The Wolf

Andrew WK - The Wolf Album Review

No real surprises here, Bob.

Andrew WK - Red Eye GIF

Standout tracks: “Long Live the Party” and “Never Let Down”
Weakest track: “Really in Love”

Clarification time: I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with Andrew W.K. a few years ago. I had secured the interview through my work on a radio show I did for a long time, but nothing ever came of the chat. The thing about Andrew W.K. is that his allure is inextricably bound to his character. For those (like me) who have attempted to look past his gleaming exterior comprised of the party mentality, a mantra and way of life built on the mantra of ‘Be you and do what you want,’ one that stops just short of being a religion (see: universalism)… the character that W.K. has created is genius. Whether or not you even buy into the ‘party’ lifestyle. And let it be known, to ‘party’ doesn’t necessarily entail shooting up heroin or getting blackout schwasty every weekend. The ‘party’ that he preaches is a message of positivity and enlightenment.

But for a while now, especially in the period after he released I Get Wet and before today’s album The Wolf, there has been some question as to the validity of the character.The tl;dr version of it goes something like this: Andrew W.K. is an entity created by a production company, played by 2 or more people over the course of the last 15 years, and one who serves as the vehicle in the interest of profit.

The long and the short of it for me is this: I don’t actually care. It’s an auxiliary issue that independent media sources have blown up into being a big deal. Who the fuck cares if there has been more than one person who has ‘played’ the character of Andrew W.K.? Is it not the same music? Is it not the same message? That is the point. He’s a musician whose goal is to make money and influence people in a positive manner. Everything else is irrelevant.

Cool. Bye.

RIYL: Being alive.



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