Day 281 – #82. Colour Revolt – The Cradle

Colour Revolt - The Cradle Album Review

Also known as “The one where Jesse Coppenbarger uses the word ‘cunt’ and surprises everyone in doing so because a lot of people thought they were a Christian band, but maybe that’s just me when I wanted to put them on my Christian radio show.”

Colour Revolt, who hail from the unfortunate state of Mississippi, are an indie rock band with an invigorating, clean sound. And what a delightful, underrated group at that. Though their latest release, 2010’s The Cradle, is far less aggressive than the band’s full length debut Plunder, Beg, and Curse.

Chalk up the toned-down attitude to internal struggles, both with the members of Colour Revolt, and various relationships: amongst themselves because of member turnover, with significant others, and with the road. The result is record that is thematically painful – a beautiful juxtaposition against the backdrop of earnest, multi-faceted musicality.

On opener “8 Years,” lead vocalist Coppenbarger questions what the hell the band’s still doing on tour with acid-tongued wit. That same sardonic tone is weaved throughout the rest of the 10 tracks on The Cradle, by far the band’s most mature material to date.

Their debut, a self-titled EP from 2005, was six tracks of pure bliss, with soaring harmonies and intricate guitar work. Plunder, Beg, and Curse was an album I spun for weeks on end. It was gritty and had bite and an edge and even a little bit of a Southern tinge that the EP lacked.

The Cradle comes full circle, incorporating the best elements of the EP and the first record for a well-refined sound. I love love love the fast starts and hard stops littered over many of the tracks, but the dedication to offset these almost punk rock elements with smooth, reflective songs like the closer “Reno” is a much-appreciated effort.

Totally into it.

From Colour Revolt’s latest (and maybe last) album, this is the title track –

Standout tracks: “8 Years,” “Our Names,” and “Mona Lisa”
Weakest track: “Everything is the Same” is a crusher, but kills the flow of the middle of the album. Maybe that was intentional.

RIYL: Brand New, All Get Out, Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band, Manchester Orchestra, Bad Books. Basically any extension of the Favorite Gentleman family.



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