Day 280 – #255. Norma Jean – The Anti Mother

Norma Jean - The Anti Mother Album Review

Here’s a story.

One time, I was going to get a tattoo of this Norma Jean shirt:

Norma Jean - Duels Shirt

In case you can’t tell what is pictured: two dudes straight out of Red Dead Redemption with top-hats and mustaches, pistols drawn. But they can’t move because their legs are roots.

Somewhere in there is a deep and important message. I don’t know what it is, but I wanted to get it imprinted on my body forever.

So I gave it to a fat guy who used to come into my store a lot when I worked at a place that rhymes with “Maim Schnapps.” He was going to trace the design and get back to me with a price.

I didn’t see him again for about 8 months. When he did come back, I asked him about it. His only response was “My girlfriend looks good in it.”

End of story. Bye.

Standout track: The first four tracks here (“Vipers, Snakes, and Actors,” “Self-Employed Chemist,” “Birth of the Anti Mother,” and “Robots 3 Humans 0”) are pretty memorable…
Weakest track: …but the rest of the album lacks a real identity.




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