Day 277 – #129. Fear Before the March of Flames – Art Damage

Fear Before the March of Flames - Art Damage Album Review

Shearing insanity. That’s the best way I know how to describe what Fear Before the March of Flames unleashes with “Hey Kid, I’m a Computer, Stop All The Downloading,” the opening track from their 2004 album Art Damage. What follows is another 10 tracks of utter madness.

Art Damage is the critically acclaimed follow-up to Odd How People Shake, the Colorado band’s debut release. What worked on Odd were its moments of relentless, unrestrained experiments – creativity that carved out new niches in the so-called “art rock” or “math rock” genre. “Fashion Tips Baby” and “On the Bright Side, She Could Choke” were the best examples of this. Both tracks exuded an energy between dual vocalists David Marion and Adam Rupert Fisher that, with some shaping, became the form of Art Damage.

The only respite on the album is “A Tyrant Meets His Maker,” a full 10 tracks in – which equates to an exhausting 25 or so minutes. “The Story of the Curious Oyster” features about half a minute of piano serenity. Otherwise, Art Damage is on full blast for the duration, and at its best on tracks like the single “Should Have Stayed in the Shadows,” with one of the most insane, technical breakdowns I’ve ever put in my ears, and “The Story of the Curious Oysters,” which again mirrors the attention to intricate guitar work.

Into it. One of my top 10 favorite bands for sure for sure.

this is “The State of Texas Vs. Fear Before” –

Standout tracks: Where to start? Because it’s less than a half hour long, it’s simple to digest the whole thing in one go. All in.
Weakest track: Nah.

RIYL: The Number Twelve Looks Like You, The Chariot, Every Time I Die, The Blood Brothers. Math core, chaos.



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