Day 260 – #348. We Are Voices – What Makes Us So Alive?

We Are Voices - What Makes Us So Alive? Album Review

What a rad, underrated find.

I spent some time writing for the website Indie Vision Music a few years ago, and much as I am doing currently at NPR, I had to slog through countless CDs and digital streams.

Guys, there’s more music out there than anyone could ever wade through.

And that’s great! Truly. It’s an abundance of wealth.

The alternate argument here is that, hey, guess what – there’s so, so much music out there that just… shouldn’t be real.

Thankfully, through the refuse and “straight outta Garage Band” worship albums, I came across We Are Voices’ stunning debut, What Makes Us So Alive?

It’s a stirring, emotional rollercoaster. I’m not normally into the sound of bands like Lydia, because in general, I find that sound overwrought, hokey and saccharine. It’s cool if you’re into that sound, though. I still respect it, but I can’t digest plastic.

Which is why I think What Makes Us hit me so hard: for one reason or another, be it the atmospheric, sweeping alt-rock with a heavy-handed post-rock influence, or that it came at a time when this type of music was the scene (2008), and they stood out from the pack.

Can’t say much for the faith-based independent music scene anymore, but such is life, right?

You’ll be into We Are Voices, a 4-piece from St. Louis, Missouri, if you’re into introspective, soulful jams with intricate guitar work.

On this album, I’m most into the songs that move swiftly but are anchored by enduring, thoughtful passages, only to be punctuated once more by glorious choruses, soaring and huge (“At This Rate”). Totally into it.

For what it’s worth, I’m quoted on their website, saying something dumb as usual. Maybe this won’t sound like that.

Also, check out their latest album, Tread Lightly. It’s available on Bandcamp, and since none of the songs from What Makes Us So Alive? are on YouTube (except for live versions, that is), here’s a song from that album that still captures what I’m talking about.

From We Are Voices, this is “Fine” –

Standout tracks: “The Business of Heaven,” “In Like a Lamb; Out Like a Lion” and “This Isn’t Surface. This Isn’t Good.”
Weakest track: Nah.

RIYL: Lydia, States, Gates. Atmospheric, post-rock and emo-influenced alt-rock.



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