Day 253 – #89. Converge – No Heroes

Converge - No Heroes Album Review

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet for now (and revisit later), because of this whole public transportation thing. Planes and trains and automobiles (and busses and such).

This is what you need to know about Converge’s sixth album, No Heroes, the follow-up to the group’s well received You Fail Me:

You will rarely hear a better trio of songs than the slow-burning, rocking you to a gentle sleep “Weight of the World,” followed by the uppercut that is the title track “No Heroes.” And that is followed by “Plagues,” which takes the best of both of those tracks, puts them into a cauldron, and then slays. Unreal.

More later, but for now, put this in your ears.

Revisited September 11

I’m feeling the need to address this before it gets out of hand. As in, out of my own hands, not yours. Why is this in your hands? It’s not.

In spite of my time commitment to the tremendous organization that is NPR here in DC, there is no way I will let this project slip by the wayside. Never miss a shift and such.

I’m overwhelmed in a positive way by my experience so far, but I won’t let my exuberance for the “new girl in town” take away from my ball and chain.

That said, I re-listened to No Heroes, and it’s… ugh, it’s just such a destructive force. None of the first 5 tracks are more than 2 minutes long, and 3 are less than 90 seconds. It’s a total ripper from the get-go. And thankfully, in this way, the band gets “Sacrifice” out of the way, which is my personal low point, but does harken back to the Converge before the turn of the century. If you were into Caring and Killing or anything from the band’s inception, you’ll at the very least appreciate it.

To reinforce my statement about “Weight of the World,” “No Heroes” and “Plagues” – there’s just no two ways about it. As tight of a combination as any that I have heard in hardcore punk. Elsewhere on the album, Jacob Bannon and crew deliver a 9 and a half minute epic, “Grim Heart/Black Rose.” It’s an impressive feat by any standards, but especially because the album through almost a half dozen tracks was still not that long.

In no uncertain terms, Converge’s 6th full length is a mighty behemoth, and comes from a band that is a force to be reckoned with, the veritable kings of the genre.

From No Heroes, this is “Plagues” –

Standout tracks: The trio of “Weight of the World” into “No Heroes” and “Plagues”
Weakest track: “Sacrifice” isn’t my favorite – and on a second playthrough, “Lonewolves” also.

RIYL: Hardcore punk, hardcore. Botch, Dillinger Escape Plan.



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