Day 250 – #53. The Blood Brothers – This Adultery is Ripe

The Blood Brothers - This Adultery is Ripe Album Review

Day 250 of this yearlong music writing project brings the debut album from one of my favorite bands, Seattle, Washington’s The Blood Brothers: This Adultery is Ripe. As a longtime fan of the band, it’s amazing to see just how far they were able to go as a band, and how much their style changed over time.

In comparison to their final release Young Machetes, with the exception of their signature Salvador Dali-esque lyrics, the two albums couldn’t be more different.

This Adultery is Ripe is a series of 10 spastic, caustic bursts: raw, uncalculated, at times lacking form, but always full of emotion and energy. Even during its low points (“James Brown,” “Time for Tenderness”), the album shows not just potential, but promise. Dueling vocalists Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney still trying to find their individual voices and messy arrangement at times – both are now just turning points in the band’s catalogue. Even though “Time for Tenderness” is the low point, that transition to “Jennifer” will catch listeners off guard with a haymaker.

At its best, like on highlight “Mutiny on the Ark of The Blood Brothers” and the title track, all the pieces fit so well together that may leave listeners (or I don’t know, specifically me) saying “I didn’t know what I was missing this whole time.” Listen to the breakdown on “Mutiny” and tell me you didn’t jam. You’re a liar. You jammed.

This Adultery is Ripe” closes with the line “Sugar, I’d come over, but your coffee tastes like the clap.” After hearing that line alone for the first time, I was sold on this band. And they’ve only destroyed since then, releasing 4 more of the most creative experimental avant-garde whathaveyou that post-hardcore has ever seen.

From their explosive and inventive debut, this is “Mutiny on the Ark of The Blood Brothers” –

Standout tracks: “ “This Adultery is Ripe” and “Jennifer”
Weakest track: “James Brown” or “Time for Tenderness”

RIYL: Noise rock, hardcore, mathcore.



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