Day 234 – #44. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Dandelion Gum

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion Gum Album Review

This is how the wiki page describes Black Moth Super Rainbow’s best album, Dandelion Gum:

Dandelion Gum is a loosely based concept record about witches who make candy in the forest. Each of its songs represent a different candy-induced freakout in the gooiest and sweetest ways possible.

If only it were true. Regardless, this record is a veritable cornucopia of lo-fi fuzzy goodness, chock with ample vocoder and vintage Moogs.

As I wrote just a couple of days ago (and the time before that, too), even though lead vocalist “Tobacco” doesn’t want BMSR to be associated with drug related activities, it’s hard to separate this desire from the mushroom trip sounds of a song like “Drippy Eye,” and acid drop song titles like “Jump Into My Mouth and Breathe the Stardust” and “Spinning Cotton Candy in a Shack Made of Shingles.”

Must be some kind of clever marketing ploy that we aren’t, yanno, what the record industry bigwigs call “in on*.”

Aside from Tobacco’s questionable trolling, there is so much to like about Dandelion Gum that it’s hard to fault any of the 17 tracks that appear on the regular edition, or the 31 tracks that appear on the deluxe edition. It’s called Extra Flavors, and adds on a whole album full of songs from the Dandelion Gum-era recording sessions, including the original version of my favorite Black Moth song, “Twin of Myself.”

For me, “Neon Syrup for the Cemetery Sisters” (and yes, that’s an actual title) is the only song that seems to drag. Otherwise, for 16+ tracks (including the glitched out hidden track title “…what went wrong?…# of tracks > # of names”), Tobacco and company deliver an experimental psychedelic lo-fi pop masterpiece.

From Dandelion Gum, this is “Lost, Picking Flowers in the Woods” –

Standout tracks: “Forever Heavy,” “Lollipopsichord,” “They Live in the Meadow,” “Rollerdisco,” “Drippy Eye,” and the ‘hidden’ track, “…what went wrong?…# of tracks > # of names”
Weakest track: “Neon Syrup for the Cemetery Sisters”

RIYL: Bubble gum acid day dreams.


*we wouldn’t “get it”

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