Day 225 – #355. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz! Album Review

More like It’s A Disappointment! 

More like It’s Not What You Think It Is!

More like It’s Kind of a Shame What This Band Has Done Since Fever to Tell Because That’s Honestly the Last Time I Was Head Over Heels For Them!

More Like It’s 2 Dance Tracks to Open the Album and I Guess to Silence the Suits and Then 8 Strange, Stripped-down Acoustic Slow Jams That Are Decidedly Not Blitz!

If you’re going to do a dance record, do a dance record. “Zero” and “Heads Will Roll” are tremendous, and prove both that the band was capable of emerging from the mess that was Show Your Bones and that Fever to Tell wasn’t an anamoly. But the rest of It’s Blitz! is a disaster and a mistake, just like their latest, Mosquito.

The best thing I can say about It’s Blitz! is that its album art is a pretty good summation of how I feel about it.

What happened to this band?

Standout tracks: “Zero” and “Heads Will Roll”
Weakest tracks: Literally every other track.
Who: approved this thing, and what were they thinking?

RIYL: Being swindled.

This is a link to Fever to Tell:


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