Day 220 – #163. Herbie Hancock – Future Shock

Herbie Hancock - Future Shock Album Review

I’ve made a general mockery of Herbie Hancock’s music in this project thus far, so I see no reason to break that trend.

But before I do that, I just want to note a couple of things. First, Future Shock is Hancock’s 35th album. I’m 26 years old and I still haven’t cobbled together enough material for 35 of anything.

Second, you will assuredly recognize the track “Rockit.” It’s the song you’ve been hearing in the background of all your breakdance daydreams.

And last, if you don’t listen to electro funk or Afrobeat, at the very least, educate yourself on why those two genres are important and how much influence they’ve had on today’s music. Start with Herbie Hancock and Fela Kuti. There will be a quiz later.

In other, breaking “me” news:

-Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is still one of my favorite things.

-I attended my first ever professional baseball game last week. While I don’t consider Tampa my hometown, I am a casual follower of our Tampa Bay Rays, who have been on quite the tear lately. In general, I loathe baseball, even though it is the sport where I was able to meet Michael Jordan when he played for the Birmingham Barons. It’s a boring and tedious event, with only occasional bursts of action. Makes me wonder how it’s “America pastime,” yet somehow this country can’t appreciate soccer. Anyway, we were seated in the outfield and because of the atrocious stadium location, missed the top half of the first inning. Upon our arrival, a home run was hit to our very section and one row below. The game was a sell-out, which is a rarity (for a variety of reasons; namely, the fact that the stadium is 27+ years old, in an impossible section of St. Petersburg, a full half-hour drive from metropolitan Tampa, and unbefitting of a professional sports team of any sort). In other words, I’m officially retiring from attending baseball games.

-Screw it, while we’re on the topic of baseball, how about this amazing interaction between Harry Caray and Bill Murray) drinking beer on TV) on 8/8/88, during the Chicago Cubs’ first ever night game.


-Once, during an interview, the tired question of “If you could eat with blah blah blah alive or blah blah, who and blah,” and my knee-jerk response was to say Harry Caray. It was the first person to come to mind. I don’t know, man.

Harry Caray is my spirit animal.


Standout tracks: “Rockit” and “Earth Beat”
Weakest track: The vocals on “Future Shock”

RIYL: Beisbol, electro-funk, Base Wars.



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