Day 219 – #296. Right Away, Great Captain! – The Bitter End

Right Away, Great Captain! - The Bitter End Album Review

THE MOST COMPLETELY DISORIENTING MUSIC-RELATED THING OF ALL TIME OF THE WEEK: attempting to write coherent, thoughtful musings about Right Away, Great Captain!’s The Bitter End, the first entry of a trilogy, when the only thing you’ve listened to the last few days has been Puig Destroyer and Death Grips.

There have been a few times in this project where I just… am not at all feeling the drive to press on and put words together in a way that isn’t absolute garbage. Most recently with The Hives and OutKast.

Today just so happens to be another of those days that I am wholly underwhelmed by the album of the day. 119 days ago, I wrote about RAGC’s The Eventually Home, the middle portion of this trilogy. One of the side projects of Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull, Right Away, Great Captain! is the name for his nautically-themed story about a 17th century sailor.

It’s an elaborate and weaving tale, though I’d stop short of calling it Hull’s Moby Dick.

The Bitter End was the debut for the story, and thus sounds the most… analog? Stripped down? In Manchester Orchestra perspective, it was released after I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child and well before Mean Everything to Nothing, and the similarities between those two albums and The Bitter End’s follow-up The Eventually Home are striking and worth noting.

At 15 tracks, it’s a behemoth of an album, so instead of boring you to tears (as I was today, even though the album isn’t bad, per se) by writing about it, here’s the 3 best results from a totally legitimate Google Images search of “Right Away, Great Captain” and I promise to do better the next time.

In third place, “Big Mistake” –

Sure thing man

In second, my spirit animal –

Spirit animal

And the best image that comes out of the Google Images search of “Right Away, Great Captain” is… whatever this thing is –


Standout tracks: “Right Ahead, Young Sailor!” and “I’m Not Ready to Forgive You”
Weakest track: I don’t know, man. It drags, a lot. Maybe just today though.

RIYL: Anchor tattoos.




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