Day 210 – #126. The Fall of Troy – Manipulator

The Fall of Troy - Manipulator Album Review

There have been a few moments of clarity and peace in my life that I could never replace. All of them involve the institution of music in some way, but many of those stretches of time are so irreversibly intertwined that the mere thought of its removal is heresy.

Even when those moments were embarrassing: like the time I purchased a CD with my own money for the first time (Smash Mouth’s Astro Lounge. I know). Or the fact that I, as a male human, paid to see Hellogoodbye. Or years of wearing jeans not made for my gender.

They are the memories I’ve framed and hung above the mantle in my mind. Like family portraits, if those portraits were seeing bands like Thursday or Cursive for the first time. Or how I got so attached to the GAYNGS record Relayted that it represented not only my #1 album of 2011, but also each of the 9 other spots in top 10. Or not being able to tell you what I ate for lunch yesterday, but being able to recall venues, supporting acts, and even large portions of the set list for shows from more than a half decade ago.

It is the very reason I’m doing this project.

The reason that I braved 11 hours of layovers and bunked on a hotel room floor to be with friends at Cornerstone Festival.

The reason that, twice, in back-to-back years, I drove 24 hours one way to that same festival in the Middle of Nowhere, Illinois.

The reason that I flew to Chicago to see Brand New because they weren’t coming to Florida on that particular tour.

The reason that I own more tour posters than I have frames – or even wall space for.

The reason that I took ~6 hours each week for almost three years to produce and edit a radio show whose audience we couldn’t… really quantify, at all.

And the reason that, today, as a fan of the band Fall of Troy’s work, I can stand by the following opinion even in the face of anonymous hostility.

After I posted my thoughts on Fall of Troy’s In the Unlikely Event earlier this month, I received some… shall we say, pointed consternation:

One Record Per Day hate

Which is funny, because officially, it took some 185 days for me to be so vehement about my distaste for an album.

I replied saying something to the same effect, and actually got a response.

One Record Per Day haaaaaated it

I’m well aware of not feeding trolls, and taking anything that The Faceless have to say with a certain degree of skepticism. But anonymous vitriol aside, I understand the rancor for what I wrote (it was, by all accounts, rather scathing).

Which is why I stick by what I said, and am extending it to Fall of Troy’s previous record as well: Manipulator.

That Thomas Erak thought he was Smokey Robinson for the group’s final two releases is one of the most disappointing stories in post-hardcore of the first decade of the 2000s.

Instead of a video from Manipulator, enjoy this “review” of sorts from Anthony ‘I can’t figure out what I don’t like about this guy, is it his face?’ Fantano –

Standout tracks: “Ex-Creations”
Weakest track: Just about everything else.

RIYL: Just read this instead.

Link: See above.


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