Day 208 – #207. Lightning Bolt – Wonderful Rainbow

Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow Album Review

Throw out the house
Throw out the couch
Throw out the car
Tear down the pool
Put it all in the road

Lyrics from Lightning Bolt’s “On Fire” – aka, quite near all you need to know about the methodical, destructive 2-piece.

The song comes from Wonderful Rainbow, the 3rd full-length album from the Providence, Rhode Island-based group. Brian Chippendale and Brian Gibson play a brand of abrasive, grinding noise rock, experimental in its nature as a duo.

Which is nice in theory. I’m fond of a good bit of noise. Everybody needs a pick-me-up, and their live shows are a blast from what I can tell.

But as I wrote about its predecessor Ride the Skies, the recorded version of Wonderful Rainbow suffers from its frontloading of the goodies. Past its 6th track, getting through the remainder of the album is spotty at best. I keep thinking that this type of music exists best on EPs – like the lone Head Wound City release, or more recently, the hilariously-dubbed Puig Destroyer.

But good Lord, this live performance of “Dracula Mountain” makes any criticism of the band’s limited soundscape a moot point:

Taking a step back to marvel in what the band has chosen to do with their sound is more important to realize than saying “They only have a drummer and a bassist, what’s the point?”

When you have two musicians as talented and masterful as the Brians, carving out a niche for themselves in a digital world predicated on an endless supply of music of all types, it’s vital to focus on and appreciate what they are, rather than what they’re not.

From Wonderful Rainbow, this is “On Fire” –

Standout tracks: “Assassins” and “Dracula Mountain”
Weakest track: “Wonderful Rainbow” or “Duel in the Deep”

RIYL: Sludge violence.



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