Day 202 – #192. Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

Justice - Audio. Video. Disco. Album Review

Don’t be confused by Audio. Video. Disco.’s cover art: it is not the translated audio recordings of Gregorian monks unearthed by the natives. I won’t make that mistake again.

Instead, it is one of the few interesting things about Justice’s totally bland second studio release. It comes a full years after their debut, (Cross).

In an interview with some Canadian website that I won’t link to after finding out I’m not actually a Canadian national (long story, don’t worry about it), Xavier de Rosnay, who is one-half of the French DJ duo, said that the new album is like “daytime music” in comparison to its predecessor.

Okay, I get that.

But if I wanted to listen to daytime dance music, I’d listen to Daft Punk or Eiffel 65.

Which is to say: I don’t want to listen to either of those things.

Cross’s success was buoyed by the fact that it was the most accessible dance music for people who, like me, didn’t necessarily like dance music. It was edgy enough to be something I’d listen to recreationally, bearing some elements of dance punk a la bands like The Faint.

So to abandon the very elements of a “nighttime” dance record like Cross was in favor of having reason to put on shades and go to… the park? (I guess?) is to deviate from the sole reason I enjoyed it.

It’s not even so much that A. V. D. is “bad,” per se. One song (“Civilization,” one of the album’s singles) even attempts to recapture what made Cross such an enjoyable listen throughout. But to step away from the fierce and rough elements in favor of what amounts to prog rock solos (opener “Horsepower”) is just silly to me.

Stick with their original instead – and don’t go out during the day.

From Audio. Video. Disco., this is “Civilization” –

Standout tracks: “Ohio” and “Audio. Video. Disco.”
Weakest track: Much of this album lacks the punch that Cross did, so there’s a lot on here that is passable at best.

RIYL: Daft Punk, Journey.



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