Day 198 – #263. OutKast – Idlewild

OutKast - Idlewild Album Review

My greatest error with this project has been including so much OutKast and Sigur Rós.

Nothing against either of those two groups. It’s just that sometimes you start a year-long writing project and have to listen to a slew of albums in a short amount of time by bands in which you may have only a passing interest or appreciation for a select few of their albums.

Happens to everybody, really.

OutKast’s Idlewild is both the group’s latest (final?) album, and the soundtrack to the movie of the same name.

I have the album because it’s part of the band’s massive discography.

I have not seen the movie.

I… should probably have watched the movie for research purposes just to be “in the know,” as they say on the Internet (and also in real life).
But, truth be told, I did not.

Sorry, Internet (and also in real life).

It’s for that very reason that I don’t really… “get” Idlewild. It’s littered with references to the movie’s storyline and characters in a way that is wholly disorienting for someone unfamiliar with the work (that person is me).

Fear not, fair reader, because I stuck it out. The whole way through, including the absurd interludes.

My position on interludes aside – as in, this time I tried to listen to them with the least amount of judgment possible – combined with having never seen the movie made as low of an experience as Fall of Troy’s woeful In the Unlikely Event. Whoops.

Just listen to the Notorious B.I.G. instead, kids. “Morris Brown” is just about the only thing worth listening to on this thing anyway. Which says a lot to me as a listener because there’s 24 other tracks and well over an hour of material.

Why artists in this genre feel the need to release every bar they’ve every written is beyond me. Is there no strategy in dearth? Less is not more? I dee kay, Internet people.

Instead of a song, here’s my favorite video of the summer –

Standout tracks: “Morris Brown” and that’s about it for me.
Weakest tracks: In general, you should probably just watch the movie instead.

RIYL: Mainstream rap/hip-hop or movie soundtracks.



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