Day 175 – #358. Yo La Tengo – Fade

Yo La Tengo - Fade Album Review


Yo La Tengo’s 2013 release, Fade, is numerically the final ‘regular’ album on this year’s list. As a matter of housekeeping, I have arranged the last 7 to designate the week’s worth of Christmas albums I will be desecrating later this year as part of my CHRISTMAS SPECIALTACULAR IMPACT WEEK (OF JUSTICE) 20-THIRTEEN. More on that to come later.

Fade also marks one of just two appearances by albums released in 2013. And as I alluded to on the other 2013 release, Toro y Moi’s stellar Anything in Return, there’s a good reason I chose to include an album released on January 15.

That reason? Because Yeasayer’s Fragrant World is terribad.

The original #358, Yeasayer’s third album, is so bad that, after a bit of reconsideration, it’s the single record to be completely removed after being on the original list. That release was as disappointing as the latest Animal Collective album, Centipede HZ. Which is something we as listeners should have seen coming, considering how the wheels started to fall off on Fragrant World’s predecessor, Odd Blood, around the 6th track.

Thus, Fade sneaks in. And it’s pretty decent.

Yo La Tengo (which means either “I have it” or “I’ve got her” depending on who you ask), to me anyway, is a lot like another indie rock band I’ve written about recently: Pinback. Not so much in their sound, but rather in the fact that they’ve been making consistently decent indie rock music a long time. In Yo La Tengo’s case, longer than I have been alive.

Forming in 1984, Fade is the band’s 13th full length album. And while I wish I could give credit where credit is due, I just watched the Chicago Blackhawks score 2 goals in 17 seconds to win the Stanley Cup. So, ya know, maybe I didn’t pay the most attention.

But what I will say is that, for a person in their mid-20s, I feel like I should perhaps be shaking off old habits like hardcore music and replacing it with bands like YLT, or stop eating McDonald’s, or trading in my Xbox 360 for a fixed gear bike.

I’ve done exactly none of those things. I have a certain appreciation for this type of music because I know it’s supposed to be good, but perhaps it doesn’t appeal to me because I’m not being yelled at?

Whatever. Either way, “Ohm” is one of the songs of the year.

But more importantly: #SPORTS

Enjoy Fade, even though I didn’t necessarily do so.

From Yo La Tengo’s lucky number 13, this is “Before We Run” –

Standout tracks: “Ohm” and “I’ll Be Around”
Weakest track: “Paddle Forward”

RIYL: Indie rock with a shoegaze influence, alt rock, indie pop. Guided by Voices, Pavement, My Bloody Valentine.



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