Day 150 – #303. Say Anything – Say Anything

Say Anything - Say Anything Album Review

Earlier this year, I wrote about the flawless …Is a Real Boy by Say Anything. Here’s a passage from that:

My second concern is the legacy of Say Anything following this album (ed. note: …Is a Real Boy). The follow up to IARB is the equally impeccable ‘In Defense of the Genre’ – which garnered critical malaise (much to my chagrin, because that record rules). It’s common knowledge that following those two albums, Max Bemis stopped doing drugs, got married to one of the chicks from Eisley, and started writing love songs.

I have nothing wrong with love songs. Congratulations on being in love. That’s cool, man.

But that doesn’t change my opinion that, as selfish as this is going to sound (because I admit it is selfish), after the drugs and drinking, the songs aren’t the same. Post-IARB and –IDOTG lacks a certain… panache. There’s an edge – a biting, sardonic tone to much of those albums.

I stand by this statement, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This claim is evidenced by the fact that I neither will be writing about Anarchy, My Dear! for this project, nor do I even own a copy.

Say Anything is James Merendino’s monologue at the end of SLC Punk.

Say Anything is bears reclaiming parts of Detroit.

Say Anything is the pick-up lineDid it hurt when you fell from heaven?” – except for the fact that this is an actual lyric on the album (“Crush’d”).

Don’t get me wrong. Not all of this record is the metaphorical refuse of a band trading in their

AhhhMen” and “Eloise” will remind listeners that yes, this is the band that on the LAST ALBUM THEY RELEASED had a song with the line “fixing up the drugs with a tiny flame” (“Surgically Removing the Tracking Device” off In Defense of the Genre).

If that’s not an indication of how much can change in 2 years, and how… soft? a person can get, I don’t know what is.

And again in the album’s, consider this fact: I am looking at it, and listening to it from the perspective of someone who got their hopes up. Following IDOTG, I was floored that the band managed to live up to the ridiculous hype machine that IARB had created.

So when Say Anything was not …Is Still a Real Boy or IDOTG… Again, my hope was deflated and my standing as a fan shaken. Certainly not destroyed, even cracked. Just… shaken.

The same guy that called out every hipster from any era (“Admit It!!!”) was now wanting Sherry to make a pact to “only kiss each other.”



It’s gross.

So let me get this out of my system. It will be my last note of negativity regarding Say Anything.


In order of my disdain, from least to greatest:

Young Dumb and Stung” (shrug);
Cemetery” (aggressive meh);
Less Cute” (my god);
Crush’d” (stop);
and finally,
Do Better” (what in the fuck, someone pull this bus over right now).

I feel a little better now.

Also, for what it’s worth, today is day 150. 215 left to go. Thanks for reading thus far.

From both the album and band Say Anything, this is “Mara and Me” –

Standout tracks: “Ahhh… Men” and “Property” and “Eloise”
Weakest track: Far and away, “Do Better.”

RIYL: You ever see a restaurant’s menu online and they have that thing you like and then you go to there, and they don’t have they thing that you like? That.



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