Day 141 – #56. Bon Iver – Bon Iver

Bon Iver - Bon Iver Album Review


“If anything, don’t take away from this post that I don’t like Bon Iver. I’m not even so much defending my freedom to dislike it.

Take away that it’s okay to not care for something that everyone else likes. Take away that you can still be respectful of what other people like, no matter how vehemently you dislike it.”

I should clarify that I don’t “vehemently dislike” Bon Iver. Far from it, actually. I think Justin Vernon is an exceptional musician, both with instruments and his voice.

But the way that I know that I don’t like a band is when I feel indifference to them. Because what’s worse than disliking something? Being indifferent to it. Having no opinion (which is an opinion in and of itself) versus having a strong opinion.

That’s the primary reason I am of the school of thought that I am concerning Vernon’s Bon Iver project. And again, to reiterate as I said then, I’m not the type of person to dislike something just to dislike something.

I just… can’t ever envision a scenario where I get a jonesin’ to listen to a song like “Michicant.” No offense to that song, either. I’m sure it’s a good song. I’m certain it had nice parents, and a decent upbringing. Maybe some hardship in its adolescence – close friend that died, maybe a car accident that caused some strange ailment or called for an amputated toe due to a resilient case of gangrene, but not the important big toe.

Which is not to say that Bon Iver, the self-titled album from the patch-beardly Vernon, is all like that. But, for me, it does feel like the rest of the album levels off after the first two tracks (the magnificent “Perth” and “Minnesota, WI”).

And if my opinion (which, to reiterate, is my own) of Bon Iver is cause for your personal concern about my taste in music and/or reasonability as a decent human being, here’s some more fodder to dislike me: after this album was completed and required me to write words about it, I did so while listening to the two new Kanye West songs from this past week’s Saturday Night Live season finale. They’re incredible and sound like Nine Inch Nails and I love them a lot and probably more than I should.

So, ya know, if that says anything about me… there ya go.

BUT! Instead of casting your dislike upon me because I have taken an unpopular opinion, if you’ve into this type of music, I plead – nay, implore you to take that negative energy and turn it into a positive Internet experience when you visit the talented Samantha Kramer’s folk blog: Folk Hive!

It’s a whole thing about this very thing.*

Do it because people who write on the Internet as a hobby because they need to need to know about other people who write on the Internet as a hobby because they need to.

From Bon Iver, this is the gorgeous “Beth/Rest” –

Standout tracks: “Perth” and “Minnesota, WI.”
Weakest track: “Hinnom, TX.”

RIYL: Indie folk, mountain man music. Bowerbirds? Are they folk?


*I was a creative writing minor, so that was a creative minor sentence.

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