Day 132 – #262. OutKast – ATLiens

OutKast - ATLiens Album Review

I have an OutKast-related story for today, Mother’s Day. It starts out weird but gets better. Stick with it.

Mom at Christmas

My mom is, by all accounts, a saint. Every single person that’s rolled through my house/life for any length of time can attest to this. She’s been a carpenter, woodworker, stay-at-home nurse, daycare owner, a school teacher, and most recently, a tilapia farmer on her ranch.

I know!

She was volunteer of the year in Duval County when I was in elementary school. She’s nursed both my grandmothers back to health from the brink of certain death. And she survived being a hippie.

When my parents got divorced in 2003, mom decided to treat herself (treat yo’self!) to a new stereo, because of course she did.

Along with that stereo, she purchased an album based on one song she had heard on the radio while waiting to pick up my brother from school.
That album was OutKast’s double-release from 2003, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. And the song wasn’t even the main singles you might be thinking of (“The Way You Move” from Speakerboxxx and “Hey Ya!” from The Love Below). She had heard “Roses” which is the third song released. So, in essence, a deeper cut – for her, anyway.

I was unaware of both of these purchases, so when I heard a massive rumbling from across the house, only to discover what was causing it (the bass from that album), I can’t tell you how proud I was.

When I asked her “Why those albums?” her response was, and I quote:

“I liked the beats.”

This is, among other reasons, how I know I have the best mother in the world.

Pile On Mom

Also, because she let me and my brother tackle (and what appears to be some serious gum action as well) her. It was out of love, I promise.

Go tell your mom you love her, but listen to OutKast first. Somehow, it will all make sense.

From ATLiens, this is “Wheelz of Steel” –

Standout tracks: “Wheelz of Steel,” obviously. But also “Two Dope Boys (in a Cadillac)” and “Elevators.” “13th Floor” is surprisingly poignant as well.
Weakest track: “E.T. (Extraterrestrial)” is a strange one.

RIYL: Mainstream rap from the 90s, hip-hop. Big Boi’s solo work, Beastie Boys, Nas, Tupac.



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