Day 130 – #29. Beach House – Teen Dream

Beach House - Teen Dream Album Review

I could have gotten by with just one Beach House album on this year’s list.

Teen Dream is the third album released by the Baltimore-based band, this time on SubPop Records. I feel it’s their pinnacle, notable for the single “Norway,” which is by far the band’s best song.

Maybe it’s just me because I am 129 days into a year-long project and am starting to get a little jaded with hearing the same things over and over.

But maybe that’s not my fault. After two listens through Teen Dream today, it was almost like every song had the exact same feel.

So instead of blabbering on about a record I’m mostly indifferent to today, it’s FRIDAY FUN DAY STORY TIME! Ready? Too bad, I’m doing it anyway.

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. To aid the income of my father’s production studio, my mother worked as a freelance carpenter. In the 1970s, my parents purchased two houses 3 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville Beach, with the intent of turning them into rental properties.

I spent nearly all of my summers as a youth at those properties. They were under constant construction.

Those two houses are where my brother Andrew and I sat for entire days in front of a white TV/VHS (TVHS?) combo, playing Star Wars Racer on Nintendo 64 and watching black and white Godzilla tapes until my eyes were bloodshot.

Those two houses are where I saw pornography for the first time: that infamous photo of Madonna, who I thought was Marilyn Monroe, cigarette dangling from her mouth and thumbing for a ride, nude.

And where I discovered evil for the first time – one was what I believe to be haunted. How else would you explain doors closing for no reason, or rushes of cold air in a house with no AC, in the middle of August in Florida?

And when we did have tenants, where Andrew and I tried to watch scrambled ECW wrestling instead of Skinemax.

And where I spent more time reading Goosebumps and Animorphs than having friends (you know, other than Andrew).

And where I cried when mom and dad sold the houses to finance our move to a new city three hours away.

This Beach House is good, but our beach house was better.

From Teen Dream, this is “Zebra” –

Standout tracks: “Norway” and “10 Mile Stereo”
Weakest track: Not so much one song, but that all the songs blur together.

RIYL: Your old hometown. Dream pop. Washed Out, Toro y Moi, Neon Indian.




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