Day 123 – #284. Poolside – Pacific Standard Time

Poolside - Pacific Standard Time Album Review

Today, I did this:


And also, this:

BrownTown Grads

That’s some Gayngs reppin’ with the gingerlass. I hope JVern and Mr. Ryan Olson see that one. I almost did it walking across stage (pronounce “stahge”), too. And also, the BrownTown Crew: the group often imitated but never duplicated.

P.s., I have hair under that cap, honest. I promise I’m not a white supremacist.

In accordance with today’s festivities, and spending time with my family, I will say only that I’ve listened to Poolside’s full-length debut Pacific Standard Time a lot when I’m looking for a chill, vibe-y record.

It’s quite lengthy, at more than 70 minutes long. They’re also known for their mixtapes, which are equally long.

Poolside’s sound can best be described as a sexy, relaxed yacht rock. They’ve dubbed their music “daytime disco,” which I can totally see. It’s not as speedy as normal disco, so it’s the type of music to listen to when the sun comes up as you’re getting home from the club.

You know, if you’re into that type of lifestyle.

I’m gonna go celebrate now. Thanks for your understanding, Internet.

From Pacific Standard Time, this is Poolside’s “Next to You” –

Standout tracks: “Slow Down” and “Why You Wanna” – but I guess “Harvest Moon” is the single of sorts. Good stuff!
Weakest track: Not really, no. It’s all pretty chill though.

RIYL: Sexy spa music. Daytime disco. Chillwave, vaporwave, neo-new wave. Washed Out, Toro y Moi,



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