Day 116 – #340. U2 – The Joshua Tree

U2 - The Joshua Tree Album Review

(The Joshua Tree for One Record Per Day, take 1. As you well know, I’m an expert at fan fiction, and I run the internet’s 3rd largest U2 fan fiction website. Here’s an excerpt from a piece I’ve been tweaking for about 2 years.)

OCTOBER 9, 2009




Bono: Hey, The Edge.

The Edge: Hey, Bono.

Bono: Great show this evening, The Edge.

The Edge: Excellent to be in your presence again, The Bono.

Bono: No, I’m not The Bono, YOU’RE The Bono!

The Edge: (silence)
Bono: Hey, The Edge, I have a question for you.

The Edge: What’s that, Bono?

Bono: Did you know our wildly popular fifth album The Joshua Tree, which has sold over 25 million copies since it was released in 1987, has more songs than just “Where The Streets Have No Name” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “With or Without You”? Did you know that?

The Edge: (silence)

Bono: Well, it does.

The Edge: (silence)

Bono: Let’s go hang out of our limo and ride up and down Dale Mabry and give people high fives out of the sunroof.

The Edge: Let’s fuckin’ do it you dirty wankah, I never thought you’d ask.

(The Joshua Tree for One Record Per Day, take 2.)

Did you know that U2’s The Joshua Tree, which has sold in excess of 30 million copies, features 11 songs, and one of them became a popular television drama? YEAH!

The fan fiction featured above is a slightly exaggerated version of a story that actually happened. A good friend of mine was leaving RayJay and walking along Dale Mabry Highway here in Tampa when Bono and Edge rolled through the streets, hanging outside the windows of their limo and giving fans along the way high fives as they rolled on.

I don’t think Tampa’s nightlife scene is very befitting of one of the greatest rock bands of all time, but what do I know? I’m just a schlub who wasn’t at that show.

Tl;dr version: the last 8 tracks of U2’s The Joshua Tree are every bit as capable of the mammoth three hits that roll out first. In fact, they may be more representative of U2 than the singles. Maybe. Just maybe.

From one of the best selling records every made, this is  “Mothers of the Disappeared” –

Standout tracks: “Bullet the Blue Sky” and “One Tree Hill”
Weakest track: “Red Hill Mining Town”

RIYL: Fan fiction, high fives, limousines. Top 10 selling albums ever.



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