Day 115 – #240. Murder by Death – Red of Tooth and Claw

Murder by Death - Red of Tooth and Claw Album Review

All country western records should sound like this.

Listening to Murder by Death’s 4th full-length release Red of Tooth and Claw is like walking through a saloon’s swinging doors to drink rye whiskey, and then getting into a bout of fisticuffs with someone after a dust-up. Possibly over a high-class prostitute who is wearing a floor-length dress (complete with train) and maybe even a garter belt.

Probably, she is wearing that garter belt.

The album kicks off with “Comin’ Home” and lead vocalist Adam Turla’s voice has never sounded deeper.

I mean, really, listen to this thing:

I defy you, reader and/or listener, to replicate that. It’s like Turla is reaching into the very depths of his intestines to pull out such a bassy, deep register. It’s like if a subwoofer could talk.

The first half of Red starts off strong with “Comin’ Home,” followed by the fun and biting “Ball & Chain”, “Rum Brave” and the infectious “Fuego!” But it does plateau a bit after “Theme for (Ennio Morricone).”

Steal Away” is another chance for cellist Sarah Balliet to shine. The wife of Turla, Balliet’s cello really separates the band from potential competition, as there isn’t much cello in whiskey-soaked rock music this side of Cursive’s The Ugly Organ.

Sometimes you just have to connect with your inner desire to live in the wild off the land. This is the type of music to suit that mood. Red is a delightful, lush, and sometimes dark glimpse into cabin-living. Maybe you own a bear.

You should own a bear. Also, try eating bark for once in your life.

From Red of Tooth and Claw, this is Murder by Death’s “’52 Ford” –

Standout tracks: “Comin’ Home” and “Fuego!” – though “Ball & Chain” is a gooder too.
Weakest track: Not so hot on “Spring Break 1899” even though I love love love the title.

RIYL: Acoustic folk, dark folk, folk noir (?), cello-backed rock with a country western influence. Pretty unique!



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