Day 114 – #88. Converge – Jane Doe

Converge - Jane Doe Album Review

So normally I would reserve a video for the end of this “review” of sorts. But today I completed the last college class of my illustrious decade-long career (only kind of a stretch), and since 5:30 pm when I completed a 25-minute presentation on why a fake media conglomerate should buy SoundCloud, I’ve been at a loss for words.

In celebration of my impending college graduation, and because I’m a bit drained and feel like trying something new, here’s the 1-2 throat punch of “Concubine” and “Fault and Fracture” from their 2001 album Jane Doe – one that that cemented the legacy of Converge as hardcore punk icons:

The term “Jane Doe” is one used in place of a female’s name in missing person cases or court battles with anonymity in mind. It’s also become the iconic, ubiquitous Converge logo designed by lead vocalist Jacob Bannon.

Jane Doe

That image alone has become synonymous with the band and Bannon himself:

Jacob Bannon

No doubt the first thing you’ll notice about the band is the voice that comes out of that unassuming, even timid looking dude: pissed and ferocious. I wasn’t at all expecting that voice to come out of that human.

Bannon is just a legit, straightforward DIY punk dude. He keeps in good touch with the punk, DIY and vinyl communities, so much so that a camera crew followed him around for a few days and did an awesome short documentary about him.

It’s called “Rungs in the Ladder” and it’s worth your time to check it out. It’s baffling that this thing only has 10,000 views. Total travesty:

Jane Doe is the album the band’s first album of the 2000s, and also the first in a string of incredible, shearing, skull-crushing blows.

You Fail Me came next in 2004.

No Heroes in 2006.

Axe to Fall in 2009.

And All We Love We Leave Behind last year.

Just an insane 11 years of output from the Boston-based cornerstones. Yeah, they had 3 albums before Jane Doe, but new listeners to the band should start here and work forward. The progression they’ve made has brought them into the spotlight as one of the most underrated yet revered hardcore band of the last two decades.

From the album that brought the band to a much wider audience, this is “Homewrecker” –

Standout tracks: “Concubine” and “Fault and Fracture” for sure. “Hell to Pay” too.
Weakest track: “Phoenix in Flames”

RIYL: Chaos. Hardcore punk, punk, hardcore, even some grind. Sex Positions, Touche Amore, Botch, Dillinger Escape Plan.



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