Day 110 – #293. Radiohead – OK Computer

Radiohead - OK Computer Album Review

I woke up this morning around 10 am, and checked my phone to see what album I had for today. It’s a habit I’ve developed a few weeks into the year. My writing process for this project is varied. I attempt to figure out what type of free time I’ll have for the next day, and when I can get in the necessary time required to listen to the album and write about it.

Some days, I am jampacked and have to wake, listen and write at 6 am. Other times, I’ll have a few hours to digest a record and then take my time writing about it. I try to leave nothing to chance and don’t risk waiting until the last minute to jam in at the literal 11th hour. That’s happened only twice, and I feel both of those two posts suffered because of it.

I usually will, at the very least, look at what album is up for the day and listen to it on the way to work or school as something of a warm-up because I can’t give it my full attention. Since this morning, I’ve been debating what to write about today’s entry: the historic 1997 Radiohead album OK Computer. As I have been a few times before, I’m positively overwhelmed by the task of talking about it.

So I’m not going to. Perfect record is perfect.

Enjoy: in its entirety, here is Radiohead’s OK Computer

Standout tracks: “Electioneering” and “Lucky” – and obviously the two major singles from this album.
Weakest track: “Fitter Happier” doesn’t do anything for me anymore, but it certainly sets the stage for their future electronic masterpieces.

RIYL: Electro-rock perfection?



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