Day 99 – #3. Advent – Remove the Earth

Advent - Remove the Earth

Remove the Earth is the debut album from the North Carolina-based Advent, a band comprised of the ashes of two others (Beloved and Sons of God). As I wrote just a month into this thing,my belief is that Advent, short lived as they were, released two of the most memorable – and impactful – entries in the genre.

The first of those, today’s record, clocks in just under 45 minutes over 10 songs, but the final track (“I Am” – which has a front end song that serves as the low point of the album, though the backend “hidden track” is awesome) exceeds 10 minutes.

Remove the Earth is, in a lot of ways, pretty similar to its younger sibling Naked and Cold: raw, unapologetic, and loud. And yes, it’s more of the same lyrical and thematic content, so if you’re not interested in being “preached at” from a stage, either ignore it and go listen to, I don’t know, Job for a Cowboy. They hate god, right? Who cares. Not a reason not to listen to them.

And while it is a good album, it’s not… exceptional by any means. Like most records in the genre, Remove the Earth falls into the category of song sameness. Yes, it’s a heavy hitter. Yes, it’s by a couple of the same guys from Beloved. And yes, it’s from a band that formed and disbanded quickly. Even though, this is a tired genre in desperate need of a makeover.

From their 2008 release, this is Advent’s “Hanging the Giants” –

Standout tracks: “Blackout”and “Doubt. Fear. Desolation.” Also that string section on “Three Seasons” is on point.
Weakest track: “I Am” – so disjointed and too long. Or “Eulogy.”

RIYL: Hardcore punk, “spirit-filled” bands. For Today, Sleeping Giant, Hundredth, etc.



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