Day 96 – #208. Little Dragon – Little Dragon


Today, April 6th of 2013, I was robbed just outside the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. I was PA’ing on a commercial shoot for my production company. We had parked in the parking lot just across the street around noon and left the van behind to shoot around downtown for a period of 3-4 hours. When we got back, I found our van’s side window busted.

(Taken just now)

We had been robbed in broad daylight in downtown Miami with people everywhere.

My boss’s laptop bag with a lot of internal company documents and proposals, etc. was taken. My bag was taken as well, and included the following;

-13″ MacBook Pro (aka the One Record Per Day machine)
-iPad 2
-Zoom H2 audio recorder (which I use for recording interviews, press conferences for the Lightning, etc.)
-Panasonic GH2 camera
-Beats headphones

Contained on my Mac was every picture and video I’ve taken since 2011; every document I’ve written for school, every One Record Per Day post; every Tampa Bay Lightning related sound, document and project; and my entire portfolio for school.

Much of this is backed up. A lot of it isn’t.

I did have “Find My Mac” and “Find My iPad” on both. Unfortunately from what I gather about how it works, in order to grab the location, either must be in wifi. I have passwords on both units so unless they can figure out the passwords to either to be able to access wifi, I don’t think it will work.

In documenting the situation, I was told by police that there were no cameras around to capture the events.

Clearly, (and excuse my language, because I’m not exactly known for French), but this fucking blows.

I am writing this from my phone on I-95 north on the way back to Tampa. NEVER MISS A SHIFT.

The material items can be replaced. I still have my memories. I can recover a lot of my portfolio. I backed up my favorite pictures of Bowie. I can replace my car and house keys which were also inside.

They can take my material goods, but I’ll be damned if they are going to break my spirit. And if I can post while I am working and playing hard on South Beach, I can sure as hell post from my phone to keep this streak alive.

So while this might not be the fanciest post or true to form, it’s here.

Little Dragon’s self-titled debut kicks off with a song that gave me goosebumps called “Twice.” And while I’m a new fan of the band, out of what I have heard so far, it may just be my favorite.

Following “Twice” is “Turn Left” which has a killer synth that reminds me so much of Kanye West’s “The Joy” – the difference being that this album came out in 2007, years ahead of Ye.

Later, “Constant Surprises” reminds me of the type of music played in American Apparel or Urban Outfitters. Which I’m into, what with its smoky acid jazz influence.

This record is so solid and helped. A lot. This project is therapeutic. It’s a way to vent and even if I’m writing like this, it’s worth it.


I won’t be broken. This might sting for a minute but the real test will be tracking down the culprits and giving them the Dexter special.

From their self-titled debut, this is the gorgeous and soulful voice of Yukimi Nagano on “Twice” –

Standout tracks: “Twice” and “Turn Left”
Weakest track: Wasn’t too hot on “After the Rain”

RIYL: Resilience. Overcoming adversity.




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