Day 87 – #319. Sigur Rós – Takk…

Sigur Rós - Takk...

I really want to like this band’s new stuff, but I don’t know if I listened to 11 tracks or if Sigur Rós’ 2005 release Takkis one big, long song. While that may sound appealing if you are Explosions in the Sky, the fact that I couldn’t tell you one track from another says a lot about the state of the band in this period.

So instead of talking about tracks I can’t remember, here’s a short list of embarrassing life things I’ve done since the year 2000:

-Recently purchased a stereo receiver and speakers from two meth heads in Palm Harbor, Florida. Found it on Craigslist.
-Got lost in the Tampa Bay Times Forum where I work… while escorting important out-of-town guests of our show around. It’s a big building, in my defense.
-Met multiple people from the internet “in real life.”
-Wore a dress, make-up and heels in a skit in high school… then ran around in those heels on stage as part of the act. #blessed

It’s not even so much that Takk… isn’t discernible from one track to the next. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if the tracks weren’t so underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all very pretty and well orchestrated music. But it’s the 4th record from the Land of Icelandia, and it’s definitely starting to get tired.

It’s like the “heavy” music principle: after a while, it all starts to sound the same. Maybe they should start doing the darker, slightly heavier music they were trying with Ágætis byrjun. But then again, what do I know? They live in Iceland.

From Takk… (which, ironically – not a dinosaur as the name implies), this is Sigur Rós’ “Glósóli” –

Standout tracks: “Hoppípolla”

Weakest track: I was pretty underwhelmed throughout.

RIYL: Hopelandia, the new IFC sitcom starring Jonsi and Alex (Jonsi’s boyfriend, who is not me.)



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