Day 85 – #93. Cool Hand Luke – The Sleeping House

Cool Hand Luke - The Sleeping House

I knew going into this project that my time would be limited on certain days, but that I would make every effort imaginable to meet my self-imposed deadline of one album “review” every single day.

Today, I’m kinda cutting it close. It’s 10:45pm as I write this, and I’m still in the arena where I intern for the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning. I work with for our in-house radio broadcast team. It’s a ton of fun, and a dream come true for a hockey fan. The hours are quite long.

I also intern for a video production studio. I was there from 9 this morning until 3:15.

Perhaps I’ve overcommitted myself. That doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I am more eager to say yes than I am to decline, even when I’m pressed for rest or solitude.

I’m not looking for any type of pity – this is my own project, after all. Not something I make money off of or anything.

I guess my point is this: the time is now.

If you want to blog – do it. Don’t just talk about it.

If you want to write music or, I don’t know, finger paint – do it. I mean really, what’s stopping you? Only yourself.

I’m not trying to be all “rah-rah” go-gettery either. But what I do know is that I have many regrets linked to not doing something. This year has been about taking chances, stepping out of my comfort zone, etc. I turned 26 last month. And while I’ve done a lot of neat things in my chosen career field, I haven’t reached any “spectacular” levels of success.

But by doing something as simple as writing everyday for this thing, I can be a better writer. It’s definitely taught me discipline, and forced me to arrange my schedule accordingly.

Do what you want. Don’t just talk about it anymore. If you want to move to another state on a whim, do it.

Do it before you get married or have kids. Do it before you can’t anymore. Do it before life comes along and all of a sudden you are in your early 30’s and miserable.

These are thoughts I have constantly. Thanks for reading them. Now for the real words (heh).

Cool Hand Luke, the baby of Mark Nicks, used to play post-hardcore music and morphed over time into a Copeland-esque band that plays slow, ambient, piano-driven jams.

And though all of their discography is steeped in traditional Judeo-Christian values in lyrical content and style (sort of worship songs), you don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate these songs.

I’m thankful to report the aggressive streak still rears its head where appropriate. The Sleeping House is the 7th full-length release from the band so-named after the James Dean movie.

Where this album succeeds is twofold: in its angry moments and its ambient. On tracks like “Buy the Truth,” Nicks recalls his time spent screaming on albums like I Fought Against Myself.

The two tracks that close out The Sleeping House are the stars of the show. “The Incomprehensible Sleep” is a delicious slow burn, followed by “Wide Awake,” a piano-based song that devolves into a feedback-heavy breakdown.

Outside of that, a lot of this album is music I can’t stomach anymore. My personal religious views have shifted in such a way that listening to worship music anymore has become uncomfortable.

I believe in marriage equality. I don’t believe in the conventional concept of hell. I think people should believe whatever they want to believe, no matter how ridiculous I think it is, because who am I really? No one.

That seems to stand in direct opposition of Christianity on the whole. I’d stop short of calling myself a Universalist, but I’ll be damned if that isn’t a close depiction of my current thought process.

This one took a weird turn. Whoops.

From Cool Hand Luke’s 2008 release The Sleeping House, this is “The Incomprehensible Sleep” –

Standout tracks: “The Incomprehensible Sleep”; “Cast Your Bread”; “Buy the Truth”; “Wide Awake”
Weakest track: “The House” or “Wondertour”

RIYL: Copeland, Anberlin. “Christian rock” – the title alone makes me gag though. Ambient piano with post-rock and post-hardcore influences.



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