Day 80 – #287. Radiohead – Amnesiac

Radiohead - Amnesiac

I’ve already gone on record with my opinion of Kid A, the fourth full-length release from Radiohead.

To recap: I can appreciate the record for its marked change in styles away from OK Computer and into more experimental, electronic-based tunes. But taking a step back and viewing it as a single piece of the Radiohead discography (rather than it being their latest release) leaves me feeling like it was a symbol of their shift in musicality, and a sign of things to come – but not their best release.

The follow-up to that album, Amnesiac, is fantastic. This record is their 5th full-length release and came in 2001, just a year after Kid A came out.

I just don’t understand the critical disapproval of Amnesiac. Especially after I wrote about its predecessor, the hate came down with force. So, here now:

FOUR REASONS WHY AMNESIAC RULES (according to internet writer Alex Schelldorf)

-It’s much more experimental, with the band opening up to allow their instrumentals to speak for themselves. Listen to “Hunting Bears” and tell me that this isn’t a band about to be in their prime. That song is all of two minutes long and doesn’t have any vocals – but it siiiiiiings.
-Track two is a top… let’s call it five overall tracks. Of any Radiohead song, any era or album. The first time I heard “Pyramid Song” was while watching its video premiere late at night on MTV2 in 2001. It’s an alluring, meandering track with spacey modulations. It’s pure.
-The live version of “You And Whose Army?” on recent tours features Thom Yorke on a piano with a camera pointed at his face… which then explodes into at least 16 different screens with that same signature Thom Yorke one-eye open croon. It’s “shut your MOUTH” good.
-With its horn section, “Life in a Glass House” makes me feel as though I’m in a speakeasy. SWAAAAANK. A+.

There. Four reasons why Amnesiac trumps Kid A. Having an opinion and a keyboard connected directly to the internet with no filter rules.

I’m gonna call this one “In Defense of Amnesiac.” Sticking my tongue out at you emoji.

From their 2001 record Amnesiac, this is one of the best Radiohead songs ever released: “You And Whose Army?” –

Standout tracks: “Pyramid Song” is their most beautiful song with a piano as centerpiece; “Life In A Glass House” is swanky.
Weakest track: I didn’t like “Morning Bell/Amnesiac” when it was “Morning Bell” on Kid A, and I still don’t like it here. “Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors” starts to grate on me after a while, but that deep bass jab is incredible.

RIYL: Experimental, experimental electronica, alt-electronica. Atoms for Peace, Minus the Bear



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