Day 73 – #183. Impending Doom – There Will Be Violence

Impending Doom - There Will Be Violence

The last time I wrote about Impending Doom, I think I put eschatology on the proverbial blast. This time I’m gonna go after Calvinism.







Nah, jk (but on a real note if you’re a Calvinist, we probably should never have a conversation again haha but for real doe~).

So, There Will Be Violins– err, Violence, as it were. ID’s 2010 release follows on the heels of their debut, Nailed. Dead. Risen. (which for all intents and purposes bordered on sludge metal), and The Serpent Servant – in this author’s opinion, their best release.

In the span of half a decade, the SoCal-based Doom have managed to put out four full lengths. And while their signature sound has evolved to some degree from Nailed, I will once again reiterate that, for what it’s worth, a lot of these jams run together as one and the same: speedy chugga chugga, throaty vox, breathing room in half-time for some two-stepping.

If you’re embracing your anger, this is the type of stuff to put on. If you want to run and need motivation, throw this in with some Converge. If you’re a meathead, you should never not listen to this.

I suppose this project is revealing things I already knew about my listening habits: I go through stages where I’ll listen to one record straight through for a week or two and then put it away for a while for a rainy day or the right mood.

It’s not… disappointing. But as with a lot of music that is being produced these days, you know what to expect. I won’t call it the “same ole, same ole” but that’s certainly what it feels like.

Something has to happen in music that will break the mold. The bands that are doing so are reaping the benefits. But heavy music is in a strange, amoebous form, morphing at a snail’s pace.

I guess it just feels like it has no heart. And don’t get me wrong, live shows are different. Live, all heavy bands can get their fans going (even if using cheap ploys – circle pitting, walls of death, etc.). But recorded versions lack a certain… soul.

From There Will Be Violence, this is Impending Doom’s “Children of Wrath” –

Standout tracks: “There Will Be Violence” and “The Great Fear” and “Children of Wrath”
Weakest track: “Love Has Risen” is an instrumental, and underwhelming.

RIYL: Job For A Cowboy, any metal band with their name in an undecipherable font.



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