Day 61 – #215. Manchester Orchestra – Nobody Sings Anymore

Manchester Orchestra - Nobody Sings Anymore
Technically speaking, Nobody Sings Anymore is the first release from indie darlings (is it time to call them that yet?) Manchester Orchestra. Technically – it wasn’t officially released, but it’s a good snapshot of the band at the time, a-hunkerin’ down through their growing pains to become a stalwart of indie rock.

That said, Nobody Sings Anymore is an album lacking significant direction; likely the reason the band scrapped it before its full release. It is, however, the original home for two vastly underrated ManOrch songs: “Golden Ticket” and “I’d Rather Have” – the former of which still making an occasional set list here and there.

The opening riff to “The Other Side” has a gnarly, Bloc Party-esque riff. Too bad the song doesn’t keep up like its opening. Unrelated: I passed on the one opportunity I ever had to go see Bloc Party, who were opening for Panic! at the Disco in Orlando years and years ago. I really regret not hitting up that show.

Tracks like “Girl With Broken Wings” and “Slow To Learn” (which has an awesome 90s alt-rock vibe) are indicative of the path the band would forge with the follow-up I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child.

And, if you listen to Nobody Sings Anymore, remind yourself that the album was written and recorded by members who were still in their teens at the time. Dang, ManOrch: why you gotta make everybody feel inferior for not being in a band that would eventually go on to sell out tours and be respected songwriters?

Also check out that sweet Criss Angel-alike on the cover.

From Manchester Orchestra’s “unofficial” album Nobody Sings Anymore, this is “Golden Ticket” –

Standout tracks: “Golden Ticket” and “I’d Rather Have”
Weakest track: A lot of it’s underwhelming.

RIYL: Newer Manchester stuff because of Andy’s voice. A lot of this album teeters on the edge of being pop punk – blech, right?

Link: It can be easily found, but it’s not being actively sold.


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