Day 51 – #58. David Bowie – Let’s Dance

David Bowie - Let's Dance

Hard to believe that David Bowie gave us the hits “Let’s Dance,” “China Girl” and “Modern Life” – all on one album.

Look, I try not to idolize musicians because I know that they’re just human beings like other people. Except for the fact that when they wake up in the morning or afternoon or night or whenever these alien beings sleep, they create the sounds that fill our ears and minds for our entire existence.

No real difference, I guess.

And while my appreciation for Bowie doesn’t border on obsession like I’ve seen some fans devote themselves, I did name my dog after him.

Bowie Man Jones

He is an adorable Shiba Inu. He used to be known as Hachi, but after I acquired him from his previous owners, changed his name. It was either that or Deacon. We all won by him being Bowie.

This name keeps in line with the trend of naming pets after iconic musicians. When I had a jet-black cat in high school, I named him Rick James (and called him ‘The Superfreak’).

I gotta get a life.

Anyway, Let’s Dance is a mammoth record because of its singles; by that, I mean he released half the album in single form. The other 4 tracks are interesting, more reflective of Bowie than the time period in which they were recorded; while they don’t sound like they’re from the early 80s, they do “feel” dated, insofar as relying on tired 80s clichés. “Richochet” and “Criminal World” aren’t bad. “Cat People” sounds like Bowie’s best attempt at being Aerosmith. “Shake It” is mostly forgettable, but sounds like the Thin White Duke tried to write “Let’s Dance” part two.

This album is built on its single, and the rest seems to be mostly filler. Not terrible, just unremarkable.

A lesser known gem from Let’s Dance, here’s “Without You” from the incomparable David Bowie –

Standout tracks: “Let’s Dance” (obviously) and “Modern Love” – timeless, classic hits.
Weakest track: “Shake It” hasn’t aged particularly well, and sounds like Bowie employed a BeeGees cover band for backup vox.

RIYL: 80s dance music, Aladdin Sane/Ziggy Stardust.



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