Day 41 – #177. HORSE the Band – R. Borlax

HORSE the Band - R. Borlax

“I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.”

Somewhere in here, there’s a dialogue to be had about bands that go the extra mile and its reverberating influence on music as we know it.

But then there are groups like HORSE the Band, who allegedly abandon the latter portion of a tour to write an EP about pizza. The very same band who released a 10+ hour tour documentary that is now available for free… a tour that just broke even but, over the course of 3 months, spanned 4 continents and 45 countries.

I have an immense amount of respect for the band for their various ventures into far-off, flyborn lands. They also created the fabled Kangarooster:

The Kangarooster

The Kangarooster is, as one might have guessed, the horrific pairing of a kangaroo and a rooster. It’s a portmanteau and I’m glad that I’ve now been able to write about portmanteaux twice in one year. I should probably retire.

That being said, R. Borlax is… well, not that great. Diplomatically speaking, it has room for improvement. As a fan of their work, it’s their weakest album.

But it’s notable for the inclusion of “Cutsman” – the band’s most popular song by far, trailed closely by “Birdo.”

HORSE didn’t hit their stride until The Mechanical Hand, which is a monument unto itself and spawned countless “Nintendocore” spin-off bands (no matter how much they hate that term). But R. Borlax is just difficult to listen to.

I’ll leave you with this poem:

In the land of Let’s Pretend, there lived a Kangarooster
Half of him was kangaroo, the other half was rooster

He could talk,
And he could crow.
Flap his wings,
Tap his toes.

In the land of Let’s Pretend, there lived a Kangarooster
(yay David!)

From R. Borlax, here’s “Cutsman”:

Standout tracks: “Cutsman” and “Bunnies”
Weakest track: Pretty much everything else.

RIYL: Just listen to their newer stuff.


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