Day 40 – #290. Radiohead – In Rainbows

Radiohead - In Rainbows

Not sure what more could be said about this band, or this record, because I’m overwhelmed by success and perfection in general.

So instead of a review, let’s play some free word association with each of the 10 titles on the album. Ready?

15 Step: it takes me 15 steps to get to get to the refrigerator from my bed. Not that I’ve counted (with the exception of just this very instant.) Also, for what it’s worth, as I write this, I am in bed eating a slice of cheesecake care of the Factory from whence it came… if that’s any indication of how my life is going.

Bodysnatchers: and the invasions thereof. Like the 2007 remake with Nicole Kidman in it. It wasn’t bad.

Nude: I guess I’m strange insofar as thinking of the tan-ish color rather than the naked human body when I look at/think of the word “nude.” Judge me.

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi: Jesus fish car emblems. “Apreggi” reminds me of archipelagos, which… somehow I relate to U2.

All I Need: Sleep.

Faust Arp: Feist Harp… like Feist songs with harp in them, played by either Pat Grossi (Active Child) or Timbre Cierpke.

Reckoner: Southern people saying “I reckon…” – don’t get it twisted, I too have said this at various points in my existence. Sometimes you have to go north to get south. Ruminate on that one.

House of Cards: Kevin Spacey. If you have Netflix (or at the least, someone else’s login for it), and/or any interest in politics at all, you need to see this. Stat. Put it on your eyeballs.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place:

Tobin Bell

Videotape: American Psycho.

I’ll be better next time, I promise.

Standout tracks: “House of Cards” and “15 Step”
Weakest track: No.

RIYL: I don’t know, do you like music? Have you ever heard it?



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